Most Beautiful Places in The World

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Most Beautiful Places in The World

With the end of the summer season and the effect of the warm weather, which lasted a little, beautiful places to visit in autumn came to the fore for most of us. Even though we have left behind the days when the sun warms our hearts, the fact that autumn is experienced in another beauty in our country gives us some consolation. All corners of our paradise country take on unique landscapes in this wonderful season.

Moreover, in this season, most places visited in summer are quieter and more affordable. So where to go in Turkey in autumn? Are there beautiful places to visit in the Aegean in autumn? What are the places to visit in the Marmara Region in autumn? Read on for answers to your questions and more suggestions for places to visit in the fall. Here are the wonderful autumn routes where you can see the most beautiful sights:

Cappadocia / Nevsehir

The first suggestion of our list of places to visit in autumn is Cappadocia, Nevşehir. This beautiful place, which has a history of approximately 60 million years, is one of the rare locations that combine nature and history. Cappadocia is most famous for its fairy chimneys, which were formed under the influence of geographical conditions over the centuries. These special structures were converted into churches, monasteries and houses by people over time.

Avanos, Göreme, Ortahisar Castle, Ihlara Valley, Selimiye Village and Uçhisar Castle are among the beautiful places you must see in Cappadocia. One of the most ideal seasons to visit this place is autumn. By organizing a Cappadocia holiday in autumn, you can participate in sports activities such as mountain biking, trekking, horse safari, watch the region from above with a balloon tour, taste the wines special to the region and experience local delicacies such as jug kebab.

Bozcaada – Beautiful places to visit near me

Bozcaada is a location that we can count among the beautiful places to visit in the Aegean in autumn. This charming island, which welcomes people in the summer season, also hosts unique landscapes in autumn. Although the sea gets cold a little early, its natural beauties and refined flavors can provide you with a wonderful holiday experience in this season. Island streets full of vineyards, wineries, windmills, beautiful houses; One of the beauties you can see in Bozcaada. Let’s add that the sunset is magnificent here. Don’t forget to visit the windmills at the western end of Bozcaada and spend the day there.

Gokceada / Canakkale

Gökçeada is one of the biggest islands of our country. Although it attracts great attention by holidaymakers in summer, we can say that it is quieter than Bozcaada. There are quite suitable accommodation options on the island, which we can count among the beautiful places to visit in autumn.

However, there are countless beauties that you can visit and see, such as Kaleköy, Tepeköy Çınaraltı, Yıldız Bay, Marmaros Waterfall, Blue Bay, Hidden Harbor and Old Bademli. Finally, we recommend that you do not return without watching the sunset on Kaleköy cliffs and tasting the mastic custard.

Yedigoller / Bolu

if “Where are the most beautiful autumn views?” If so, the answer is not far away, in Bolu! Due to its natural beauties, Bolu is considered among the places to visit, especially in autumn. Yedigöller, located in Bolu and protected as a national park, is actually a very old settlement, as evidenced by Byzantine ruins.

The diversity of plants in the region, which has seven lakes named Sazlıgöl, İncegöl, Küçükgöl, Nazlıgöl, Deringöl, Büyükgöl and Seringöl, is remarkable. In short, this place is a true nature paradise. You can also visit Yedigöller as a day-trip in autumn, camp here, and stay in hotels and lake houses in the region.

Sapanca / Kocaeli

Sapanca, a natural wonder right next to Istanbul, is among the beautiful places to visit in the Marmara region in autumn. In Sapanca, a small town in Sakarya, you can see all the colors of the season in autumn. You can walk around Sapanca Lake, ride a bike, or go canoeing on the lake. You can have a village breakfast or eat fish in Maşukiye. Let’s add that there are many accommodation alternatives in Sapanca.

Staying in chalets can completely take you away from the stress of the city. There are also numerous activities you can do such as photography tour, paintball, trekking and water sports.

Agva – Most beautiful places in europe

Agva - Most beautiful places in europe

Another suggestion for places to visit in autumn is Ağva, Şile. Ağva, the indispensable route of weekend getaways due to its proximity to Istanbul, takes on magnificent colors especially in autumn. You can have a romantic holiday in Ağva, which is located in a lush nature with Yeşilçay and Göksu creeks. We think that’s exactly why it is frequently listed among the places to go with your lover in autumn. You can have a holiday here to get away from the noise of the city, spend time in nature and stay in bungalows. You can also take a boat ride on the lake, visit Gelin Kayası and take a bicycle tour in Agva.

Alacati / Izmir

Another of the beautiful places to visit in the Aegean in autumn is Alaçatı. Located in Çeşme, İzmir, Alaçatı attracts a lot of attention during the summer months. In autumn, this movement is replaced by calmness and peace. In Alaçatı, you can have great Aegean food in autumn and wander the historical streets as if there is no one else but you. Let us also remind you that you can take advantage of more affordable accommodation options in the fall. Staying in Alaçatı’s historical stone houses with bay windows can give you a wonderful autumn holiday.

Cunda / Balikesir – Nature beautiful places

Cunda Island, standing next to Ayvalık, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in our country. This charming island takes on a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere in autumn. We claim that walking around the historical streets of Cunda, experiencing the wonderful Aegean flavors and sunbathing on Lovers Hill is most beautiful places in autumn. If you are also dreaming of a quiet autumn holiday, you can consider changing your route to Ayvalık.

Kaz Mountains / Balikesir

Kaz Mountains, which are the lungs of our country, are located within the borders of Çanakkale and Balıkesir. The places you can visit are mostly in Balikesir, Edremit. You can easily visit many natural beautiful places by staying in Edremit to visit Kaz Mountains. You can join the Kaz Mountains tour with a guide, and you can go to Karataş, the highest peak of the mountain, to watch the unique view of Edremit Bay. You will be enchanted by the colors of autumn in the region, which has the status of a national park! Also, do not forget to visit the waterfalls and the villages full of stone houses.

Midyat / Mardin

Let’s take a look at the east of our paradise country. Welcoming visitors from all over the world with its historical beauties, Mardin is actually the ideal time to fall, as it is very hot in summer. Therefore, in this season, you can stroll through the narrow and hilly streets of the historical city; You can wander around historical monasteries and bazaars. We are not even talking about the flavors unique to Mardin. While you’re on your way here, we say don’t come back without tasting mahaleb wine, doboy and sour plum.

Assos – Beautiful places to live

Assos, which is connected to Çanakkale, Ayvacık, is one of the beautiful places that attract attention with its historical beauties. Behramkale, which is home to the ruins of the 3,000-year-old Assos Ancient City, is one of the must-see beautiful places here. Even if you are not going to stay on the beach, you can stay in the stone houses of Behramkale. In Assos, which turns into a very calm and peaceful place in autumn, you can wander the historical streets and experience the unique Aegean flavors, even if you cannot swim this season.

Camlihemsin / Rize

Another suggestion is from the Black Sea. Although the Black Sea Region offers different landscapes in every season of the year, it is especially pleasant in the fall. Çamlıhemşin district of Rize has a wonderful atmosphere especially in autumn. In this season, you can enjoy the increased oxygen after the dry summer. To watch all the colors of autumn, you can stay in small chalet hotels or go trekking in the forest. If you want to find healing and love a little heat, we say, don’t forget to enjoy the hot springs in Ayder Plateau of beautiful places .

Uzungol / Trabzon -Cheap beautiful places to travel

Uzungöl, the pearl of Trabzon, is another destination you can visit in the Black Sea this autumn with its green, rain, and peaceful scent of tea and beautiful places in the earth. We are sure that you will love Uzungöl with its unique geography, comfortable weather in autumn, villages, churches, mosques, plateaus and much more. Moreover, if you wish, you can also join the observing tours.

Igneada / Kirklareli

Igneada, one of the most popular travel routes of recent years, is the ideal place to refresh in autumn with its forest on one side and lake view on the other. It can be the address of a romantic getaway or a fun weekend with your children. You can see all the colors of autumn in the Longoz Forests National Park and enjoy the delicious tastes of fishermen.

Maşukiye / Kocaeli

You will be satisfied with the colors of autumn; Maşukiye, full of unique natural beauties where you can prepare both your mind and body for winter, is one of the most ideal routes for a daily or weekend getaway. Don’t forget to set off early in the morning to taste the famous breakfast of Maşukiye, where you can smell the earth after the rain, smell the Black Sea air without going far, and wander around the highlands.

Cumalıkızık / Bursa

Do not think that Bursa, which is the home of the rooted and dusty pages of culture, history and the past, is just as much as Uludağ, which is famous for winter tourism. There is another wonderful place where you can feel yourself in a time capsule: Cumalıkızık. It is ideal for relaxing in the solitude of autumn with its bay windows, handmade ceramic and knitting looms, stone restaurants and its unique atmosphere.

Amasra / Bartin

Amasra, one of the most popular coastal towns of Bartın, is one of the unique routes of autumn. It is the perfect time to travel without the crowds of summer and the cold of winter. Although it is famous for its beach and raki-fish places, Amasra has many beautiful places to visit, you can visit the Kemere Bridge and wander around the Çekiciler Bazaar. In addition, if you come across peasant markets, you can buy many organic foods and return home.

Safranbolu / Karabuk

You can take a sweet autumn stroll in Safranbolu, which is famous for its Turkish delight. In Safranbolu, which is known as the city where time stands still with its defying and unchanging structure, you can set off in the cool weather of autumn to taste local flavors, discover natural beauties, and stroll on its cobbled streets.

Akyaka / Mugla

Another beautiful places to visit in autumn is Akyaka, a province of Muğla. You can take a river tour, eat delicious fish at the fish restaurants, and take beautiful photos on the Lovers’ Way in this beautiful town, which brings together the blue and greenery, and meets the calm and peace in autumn after the crowds of summer.

Bonus: Polonezköy both far and near

In order not to waste time on the long road, to be both close and far from the city, to integrate with nature and rest your body and mind, you can set out for Polonezköy, which hosts the hidden beauties of Istanbul. While enjoying the clean autumn air in Polonezköy Nature Park, you can have a pleasant time at the Outdoor Tree Carving Sculpture Exhibition. Also, don’t forget that this beautiful district is famous for its breakfast eaters.


In conclusion, the world is full of breathtakingly beautiful places that offer a diverse array of natural and man-made wonders. From the vast expanses of the Grand Canyon to the sparkling waters of the Maldives, there is truly something for everyone. Whether you prefer the rugged beauty of the mountains or the serenity of the beaches, you are sure to find a place that takes your breath away. Additionally, many cities like Paris, Venice and Santorini, offer a unique blend of culture, history, and architecture that make them truly special. The world is a vast and magnificent place, and it is definitely worth exploring as much of it as you can.

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